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TR 025/026

  • publication date: 2008
    author: Rafał Nowakowski
    Alchemists and Hackers of City Space Alembic is an alchemist tool that consists of two glass containers connected with each other. The substance that circulates between them undergoes a process of distillation called by the alchemists sublimation”. If we applied this metaphor to street art the alembic would be the urban space while the substance – the community spirit. Art itself woul

  • publication date: 2008
    author: Klara Kopcińska
    The city. The crowd. The machine. When Cracow avant-garde artists and all kinds of futurists got fascinated by the triumphant progress of civilisation – a mere few thousands of cars with maximum speed of 65 km/h rolled through the city as big as Warsaw, whereas heroic planes flitted across the sky and the red-hot sleeping trains rhythmically whooshed along railways on a similar scale.In such

  • publication date:
    author: Janusz Zagrodzki

  • publication date:
    author: Alicja Piastowska
    The group Twożywo doesn’t require presentation, being active in the city space for many years it has firmly inscribed into the iconography of the capital. Most of Warsaw visitors, consciously or not knows their works. You can find them along the main routes (Marszałkowska, Świętokrzyska, Aleje Jerozolimskie) as well as in less representative places. Their legendary stencils like Antichrist w