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WT 016

We managed to do this for the first – and probably last – time. 
We publish photos of 145 Chinese people.
Collective portraits.
We were preparing this issue for quite a while. 
And we finally found out one is not enough.
Therefore the next issue – no. 017 – will be about collective portraits, too.
I read somewhere recently that we are a magazine on photography.
This time we are really trying to fit into this definition.
The only exception are the horny drawings by Marek Chaczyk.
I’m not going to write anything about the idea of collective portrait, as everything is being said in the issue, especially in the conversation about „the invitation to the table”.
I’ll just add that each of these projects has surprised me.
Although they are all simple and clear in their message. 
And maybe that’s exactly why one can find something more in them.
I hope you’ll find a bit of yourself there.

Klara Kopcińska

  • publication date: 2006.11-12 (016)
    author: Klara Kopcińska
    We have had a debate recently with a group of people taking a keen interest in this subject, on finding ways of promoting Warsaw amongst foreign tourists. Not through ancient monuments thats for sure, nor the National Museum because they have definitely seen quite a few more interesting ones around the world, not through pubs or clubs that are domain of Cracov, nor any special modernity. In the re

  • publication date: 2006.11-12 (016)
    author: Wiktor Nowotka & Krzysztof Wojciechowski
    These pictures are just a record of peoples fates, of their place in contemporary times and different relations between history and the present time. The two cemeteries from two wars that swept through the territory of Poland. They should be similar to the most of war cemeteries in Europe. In both these cemeteries fallen soldiers are laid to rest. But there is a difference between them. At the fi

  • publication date: 2006.11-12(016)
    author: Jacek Bąkowski
    Everything started on one summer weekday afternoon on the crossroads of Krucza Street and Jerozolimskie Avenue. With my face turned towards Smyk I waited for the green light. However, when the crowd from the opposite side of the street moved towards me, I froze. And the word froze is here exceptionally appropriate. Suddenly a thought that in one hundred years nobody out of this crowd, including me

  • publication date: 2006.11-12(016)
    author: Maria Parczewska & Grzegorz Godlewski
    Grzegorz Godlewski: Let's begin with the fundamental question: what kind of project were you taking to Supraśl, what kind of vision? And, with this in view, another question: how much of your project materialized on location, and how much was already prepared?Maria Parczewska: Obviously, both: we prepared our project beforehand, but much of it materialized on site. During our visits to Supraśl we

  • publication date: 2006.11-12(016)
    author: Klara Kopcińska
    Everything has already been said about it. This question was profoundly discussed many times and analysed from every point of view. Its about our need for preservation. The need to save from oblivion. Our love for the tokens of remembrance. Its about the fact that there is something in a human face that always makes us want to look at it. And about us being voyeurs. Its about the fact that only th

  • publication date:
    author: Mirek Stępniak