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Mini-rozmówki po polsku

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From October 2014 until July 2015 the STEP Association for Education and Progress in partnership with World within Hand's Reach Foundation and Projekt: Polska are carrying out “Mini conversations in Polish” Project within the “Citizens for Democracy” program financed from funds of the European Economic Area. 

Within the frameworks of the project, the group of 20 middle school students (Polish, Vietnamese and Chinese) from Polish school will participate in 15 creative workshops during which they will create mini-conversations game. The aim of the game is to help immigrant students to communicate with teachers and friends in Polish as well as to learn the Polish language and make the process of adaptation in school in new country easier. 
The game will constitute a great educational assistance for foreign students who do not know Polish. Within the project also the Icelandic version of the game will be created in order to be used by Polish kids starting the education in Iceland. 
The game in both language versions will be made in PDF format and placed on the STEP Association for Education and Progress website as well as on the websites of the project’s partners - World within Hand's Reach Foundation. and Projekt: Polska

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