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  • publication date:
    author: Iwona Malewicz
    As the granddaughter of Antoni – Kazimierz Malewicz's brother, I will not discuss the work of the 'Father of Suprematism,' because there is already a lot of professional literature on this topic that fills the shelves of libraries, museum shops and bookstores around the world.My text is probably the first such unconventional article, published in the artist's catalog: these are my reflection

  • publication date: 2011-11-20
    author: Józef Żuk Piwkowski
    5 x M – Malewicz Malevič Malewitsch MalevichWhy 5 x Malewicz?If you take into account the importance of Kazimierz Malewicz's oeuvre – 5 times is not enough. 100 x Malewicz would be better, and nowadays Giga or Googol (10'100) Malewicz seems even more appropriate.Unfortunately the expression 0 x Malewicz is much more true. He is the only great Polish artist who seems to be completely i

  • publication date: 2011-11-25
    author: Klara Kopcińska
    ”Black square on white – a painting by Kazimierz Malewicz. It was painted in 1913, and presented for the first time in 1915, which means that the author didn't have the courage to show it for two years. [...] It was a prophetic work. The square presented the simplicity of communism, which was soon to come, and the color of the square – the color of life under this system [...] Th

  • publication date:
    author: Janusz Zagrodzki
    Malewicz in Poland I have not invented anything, only the night I have sensed, and in it the new which I called Suprematism. It was expressed in me as a black plane, which formed a square, then a circle. In them I saw a new colorful world .Kazimierz MalewiczWhen I wrote an article, which appeared in 1975 in several languages, about Kazimierz Malewicz's stay in Poland in 1927, I was repeatedly warn

  • publication date:
    author: Janusz Zagrodzki
    „Photography alone can liberate... new structures... When I begin to work on images of strict geometrical structures of the grid, no matter if they are enlarged, flipped or reduced, I move them around, rotate, put them together, laying one upon the other... Through these stages of metamorphosis I create many levels of transformation... This transformation is the effect of interaction between

  • publication date: 2006
    author: Szymon Bojko
    Tadeusz Mysłowski, an artist of established reputation in Polish art, residing and active in New York, with a studio-branch in Lublin – his second home, so to speak – is the author of a project-vision “ChairThrones”, homage to the reformers of art of the 20th century. As a keen observer of the project nearly from its birth, I would like to share with the readers some mechan