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transFORM 2010 – The Vistula as subject and object


This year, we invite you again to the Vistula near the Świętokrzyski Bridge under the Statue of the Warsaw Mermaid.

We want people to come here, not in order to watch fireworks, but on the contrary – to do something at a different, slower pace, creatively and with respect for nature. We wish the Vistula became the source of inspiration, the theme, the material and the objective of these visits.

the transFORM 2010 project

  •  is an unusual outdoor cultural centre, a socio-artistic laboratory, a space available for everyone

  •  lasts from the beginning of May to the end of September

  •  is open and treats the public as people wanting to do something different and creative

  •  enables the co-existence of art and leisure, makes people more sensitive to the beauty of nature where the event takes place, makes possible the real contact with the river and the water, inquires into its history and symbolics, creates the atmosphere of general kindness far away from the rhythm and the noise present already several hundred meters further. 

The barge serving as the scene, the venue for the meetings and workshops, is our command centre. We invite you to take a rest on deck chairs everyday from 12.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

At the weekends during the school year and on holidays 7 days a week, from 12.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. our animators will carry out intergenerational workshops (film workshops, photographic workshops, workshops based on movement, art workshops and other) and activities for children. We will use materials found in nature: leaves, branches, but also paper and waste. We will conduct experiments with different energy sources. We will shoot together a film on art at the Vistula banks.


The students from the studio of Professor Antoni Pastwa from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts will create in the transFORM area approximately 10 site-specific installations and sculptures.

We also will carry out the project of Konrad Zientara using natural energy sources to supply the lighting of the barge as well as the one of interactive sound and visual installations. The WIELOPLEXIKOŃ (MULTIPLEXIHORSE) by Konrad, so popular last year, will reappear in the new venue and with the new supply system.

In June, five female artists from Rotterdam will discover and present in cooperation with the inhabitants different aspects of the river (environmental, cultural, emotional ones).

In August we will host artists from Norway invited by the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts with the project Pure Art.

We will also host three contact improvisation projects run by international artists, and concerts of independent music groups.

Throughout all the project, we will help you rediscover the Vistula and Warsaw.

We do not use billboards and similar forms of promotion, because we think that they cause the visual chaos in the City and violate the citizens’ rights. Therefore, we kindly ask you to spread information on transFORM via the PASS ALONG method.

 The project is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and possible thanks to the voluntary cooperation of many fantastic people.


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