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  • publication date: 2007.05/06
    author: Józef Żuk Piwkowski
    Wally Gilbert’s Norblin Project is an exhibition of photography but also something more—a unique installation which, by presenting an unusual (or maybe usual) space of an old, disappearing, decayed factory, exalts through art the object itself to the rank of art.The obvious advantage of this project is its documentary value which will help future generations remember Norblin. It has a

  • publication date: 2007-05-02
    author: Janusz Zagrodzki
    Nature moves on from the inanimate world into the world of animals and this succession makes it difficult to notice the border separating one from the other and define which one of them contains the transitional forms.Aristotle (Zoology)The links between science and art become especially explicit when artists refer to ontological concepts, taking up issues that relate to philosophy. Despite the fa

  • publication date: 2007.05/06
    author: Jan Kubasiewicz
    The Norblin Project, Wally Gilberts installation and exhibition of photography, represents an evidence that creativity in art and science share more similarities than differences. One may find it regrettable that in our days, the artist and the scientist are almost never the same person (as Gyorgy Kepes commented). The case of Wally Gilbert is one of those rare exceptions. Wally Gilbert a photogr

  • publication date: 2007.05/06
    author: Klara Kopcińska
    Its often said that Leonardo could draw so well because he knew so much; more true would be to say though, that he knew so much because he could draw so well.Kenneth ClarkWhat fascinates me the most in the Noblin factory (and in many other industrial buildings) is, I guess, the feeling that its actually a memorial of human work. Furrowed, grooved, dented because of the rhythmically repeated work,

  • publication date: 2007.05/06
    author: redakcja
    the organizer and the curators of the Norblin Project would like to thank the following individuals and institutions for their creative input and cooperation: Wally Gilbert for the opportunity of presenting his work to the Polish publicMuseum of Technology and its Director Jerzy Jasiuk for his friendly attitude towards our projects Artur Setniewski, manager of the Industry Museum for his support a