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    logo wykluczone 2008
2008 – second edition

The main subject for the Wykluczone!/ Excluded? No way! competition are desolated, neglected, lifeless, devastated, abandoned stations, houses, industrial buildings, spaces and objects. The project is interested in all the places that had lost their social function and will either gain a new one or undergo a gradual decline.

! –  the exclamation mark next to the name of the competition expresses our disagreement on the issue of thoughtless getting rid of traces of the past which could often perfectly exist and harmonize with their new functions today. In many places around the world such objects are adapted for cultural and artistic projects what supports the prevention of environmental disintegration and devastation. We want to popularize this new trend in Poland too, and this competition, festival and exhibition in one is also a way to do it.

We accept works from both amateurs and professionals, of all age and nationality :)



10th September – submission deadline
20th – 30th September – Jury’s evaluation process
30th September – results announcement

The Gala and the exhibition of awarded works will take place at the Mazovian Center for Contemporary Art "Elektrownia" in Radom, and the exhibition will be shown also in other places in Poland.

more info? please contact:
Klara Kopcińska
tel. + 48 667 173 564

please send your works to:
Stowarzyszenie STEP
ul. Radziłowska 5 m. 1
03-943 Warszawa, Poland

please note: all technical details, dates etc. are described in the downloadable file "Regulamin"/ Competition rules. Please read it before sending you work. Please enlose the submission form together with you work. We will not accept works sent by e-mail. Thank you.

Stowarzyszenie Edukacji i Postępu STEP in cooperation with Mazovian Center for Contemporary Art "Elektrownia" in Radom.


"tytuł roboczy – otwarty magazyn sztuki"/ "working title – open art magazine"

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